About Us

Local Innovation

Avocado Green is a leading baby and kiddies' décor manufacturer. We have been helping parents "create their nurturing spaces" for more than 12 years.

Our design studio and factory is located in Chartwell North, near Fourways, Johannesburg. It is here, where we develop, produce and showcase our exquisite linens and accessories . . . all made with South African TLC

Your Perfect Room

Avocado Green has developed a broad collection of exciting ranges and colour spectrums that can be used to immediately transform your baby or kids' rooms. Alternatively, we can help you "create your own nurturing space" by combining your ideas, fabrics and trims with any of our existing offerings.

We use 100% cotton percale (200 thread count) as the core fabric for our bed linen and combine this with a variety of materials, trims and embellishments to add interest and texture in the range. In addition, we have a library with hundreds of appealing embroideries and appliques which can be used to enhance your chosen theme.

We also have a large selection of decor items and accessories to complement your kiddie space e.g. scatter cushions, mobiles, lampshades, toy barrels and custom-made fabric toys . . . to add that final touch.

Quality and Love

At Avocado Green, we are very serious about quality, and take great care to ensure that your products always meet our exacting standards:

  • We continually research and test all our raw materials for suitability, durability and comfort;
  • We wash all bedding fabrics prior to production to ensure that they are clean, dust free, colourfast and pre-shrunk;
  • We perform multiple checks during production to ensure that your linens are of the highest quality and are delivered to order.

The manufacturing team has grown in size and skill over the past 12 years and consists of previously disadvantaged women from local communities. These strong women have a passion for personal growth and development and are dedicated to improving themselves, as well the products they make.